Why does this page look so shit? It's the black and white, we don't want to distract you with fancy graphics while you read this as it very important you understand Fuse and what you're playing.


What is Fuse?

What is Fuse? First and foremost Fuse is a game, a serious zero sum game where the person(s) who hold out the longest have the most rewards. Fuse should only be played by players who are comfortable not moving their ETHO for very long periods of time. Anyone needing to have ready access to their ETHO or who would like to vote using their ETHO should never play Fuse. Fuse is based on a self sustainable smart contract. The fuse front-end is hosted on ethoFS, making the entire game completely decentralized.

The images below explain how fuse pays out funds:

What do I need?

You'll need your own wallet address which you can get here: here.

You'll also need the Google Chrome plugin, ETHOMask (currently unavailable on store, ask us for a copy) or MetaMask plugin using the following instructions

I'm having issues like constant screen refreshing.

You'll need to make sure you don't have 2 Web3 Providers installed.

How does it work?

Fuse works by paying dividends out to its stake holders when new players deposit ETHO upon entering the game. Should anyone want to leave the game, they also pay, an even higher percentage to leave the game. This amount is also distributed as dividends among the remaining players.

What happens with my ETHO?

When you Deposit ETHO to the contract you are issued a stake, minus the entry price. Over time you will be issued dividends as new people enter the game or existing people leave. You can either claim or reinvest your earnings. If you claim your dividends, the ETHO will be sent to your address. But if you reinvest, your dividends you will receive more stake, which will yield to a higher dividends payout in the future due to your higher overall stake in the game.

Where does my profit come from?

Fees allow for dividends payouts to be sustainable. Fees are paid upon entering the game and upon leaving the game.

What's the math behind Fuse?/What are the fees to play Fuse?

*Deposit fee: Amount/(100/7) = deposit fee - (14.28%)

*Withdrawal fee: Amount/(100/4) = withdrawal fee - (25%)

*Stake Calculation: stakeValue + ((100/7)/totalstake)

*TotalStake is calculated by: totalstake issued + Stake increment

Why would I invest in Fuse?

Fuse gives you the opportunity to grow your ETHO by outlasting (OUT-HODLING!) your opponents and using their deposit and withdrawal fees to add to your stack. As previously mentioned, you should only play Fuse if you're ready to hodl for a very long time. If you decide to leave the game early and claim your ETHO, you will pay a hefty penalty which will be distributed among the other players.

Is Fuse a scam (Ponzi/Pyramid/SCAAAAAM!!!!)?

Fuse is not a scam of any kind. The rules of the game as well as the fees to enter and leave are published for you to read BEFORE participating. There is no special developer fee and everyone, regardless of when they joined will pay the same hefty fee when they leave the game. Since this is a game, there are winners and there are losers based on who can not touch their ETHO deposit the longest. If you're uncomfortable with games where there are losers or if you are unable to follow instructions and read disclaimers before participating, you should definitely stay away from Fuse. Be warned, you will pay a fee to enter the game and a higher fee to exit the game. For this reason, only enter if you're comfortable not touching your ETHO for a very, very, very long time. This is above all a game of endurance, if you have none, stay well away


What does "deposit" do?

Use this to send ETHO to the Fuse contract. (Deposit fee - 14.28%)

What does "claim" do?

This will send your dividends to your ETHO wallet address.

What does "reinvest" do?

This will send your dividends directly back to the contract. (Reinvest fee - 14.28%)

What does "withdraw" do?

This will take out your ETHO out of the contract. (Withdrawal fee - 25%)

More Questions

Can I get even more information?

If you have any Questions feel free to reach out to me discord @Dylie#8480